Jerry Kramer

Kramer will run the Packers sweep on you if you don't participate.

That’s right, you.

Green Bay Packers legend Jerry Kramer is organizing what he hopes will be a nationwide fundraiser to help former NFL players in need and he would like to enlist you.

It’s all pretty easy if you’d like to participate.

All you have to do is round up some friends and go to a bar to watch the Sunday night (Dec. 5) game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, send out some tweets with #NFLVFR and maybe try to pull a few bucks out of your crew to support one of the charities that support former NFL players.

You can also just donate some money to one of those charities — NFL Alumni Southern California Chapter Dire Need Fund, Fourth and Goal Foundation or the NFL Alumni Green Bay — if you’re so inclined. More information is available here.

Yes, it’s tax deductible.

Why does all of this matter? You can read Jerry’s open letter to fans here.