Jenn Sterger

Favre: go ahead and sue.

In response to the latest from Jenn Sterger’s camp — that they’ll file a lawsuit if the NFL doesn’t suspend Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre for violating the league’s personal conduct policy — the Favre camp has fired back, saying they’d welcome a lawsuit.

The strategy makes some sense. No one really knows what Sterger’s allegations are, right now.

We assume she is accusing Favre of sexual harassment for the voice messages he left her and the photos of his dick he allegedly texted her.

“What is this?” Richard Gerakitis, Favre’s Atlanta-based employment lawyer told PFT. ”Give us a lawsuit that enables us to find out what her allegations are. We can defend against a lawsuit. We can’t defend against the attempted manipulation of the media by trying to only give selective portions.”

Meanwhile, Sterger’s camp says they’re merely trying to clear her name.

”From day one, whether the public wants to believe it, the number one thing is to clear Jenn’s name,” said Joseph Conway, Sterger’s attornty. “Although she hasn’t done anything wrong, there is a perception that she bears blame. We want justice done.  We want the person to be punished, and we think that will vindicate Jenn.”

Both Conway and Phil Reese, Sterger’s manager, have backtracked from the suggestion that only a suspension from the NFL would satisfy them. Both have suggested as long as the NFL takes disciplinary action against Favre, their client will be satisfied.

There will surely be more to come.