Look familiar?

I can’t say I’m terribly offended by this.

I’ve always hated the fact that when I tell someone I’m from Wisconsin, they usually say something like, “Oh, you’re a cheesehead.”


No I’m not a cheesehead. I never have and I never will wear a foam wedge of cheese on my skull. I’m simply from Wisconsin, which you should recognize, is fucking awesome, unlike people who wear foam wedges of cheese on their head.

That being said, some idiots in Atlanta decided they should jump on the the foam headgear idea and rip off the Green Bay Packers cheesehead.

What you see above are iceheads.

That’s right.


For everyone’s favorite non-offensive, non-descript, no-personality quarterback Matt Ryan, AKA Matty Ice.

Does anyone else throw up a little in their mouth when they hear someone refer to Ryan as Matty Ice?

This isn’t to say Ryan isn’t good. He’s solid — like Phil Simms was solid.

He doesn’t make mistakes and does what his team needs to win.

Is he great?


Can he hold Aaron Rodgers’ jock strap?

I doubt it.

But hey, Atlanta needs to grab onto whatever it can. They only have one pro sports franchise that’s ever won a championship.

I say let them have their rip-off foam headgear. It’s unoriginal, just like the player it honors.

We’ve got the Green Bay Fucking Packers.

(Via Sportsgrid)