Please let me see you masturbate.

That’s right people.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre likes masturbation videos.

That is, if you believe Jenn Sterger.

Someone “close to the NFL investigation” says Sterger claims Favre asked her to send him a video of her masturbating.

Really, who can blame the guy? Well, he’s married, so a lot of people.

But the point is, I’d probably ask Jenn Sterger for a masturbation video if I had her number, too.

Anyway, that’s beside the point.

The Sterger camp, which is obviously frustrated with the NFL’s refusal to conclude the Favre investigation, is apparently living up to their threat to go public with additional details about Favre’s sextual requests.

Regardless of what you think of the dirty old man or this Sterger tart, the NFL should be chastised for dragging this “investigation” on for so long. If you recall, the league started looking into the matter in early October.

Inspector Clouseau could have wrapped up the case by now.

So how could the NFL possibly taking so long?

Money, plain and simple.

Brett Favre sells tickets and increases television ratings. If the NFL suspends him for sexual harassment, it will cost them.

We all now know the NFL isn’t going to touch Favre, whether he did anything wrong or not.

Favre will retire after the season and the Vikings aren’t getting anywhere near the playoffs. Once the season ends, the NFL doesn’t have to do anything to Favre.

The league claims a decision will come next week.

Who wants to bet that doesn’t happen?