Okay, so I couldn’t possibly stand writing another Brett Favre headline, so that’s why you’re getting this one on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

This made me laugh heartily, so I think I’ll just let it speak for itself.

Brett Favre action figures

How do you think that played out?

I bet when they consulted Favre on making the figures, it went something like this.

“Ya know, I don’t think Brett Favre needs a running back in Brett Favre’s set.”

“I think we should just do two of Brett Favre instead. One in the purple and one in the white uniform for true Brett Favre lovers.”

“But everyone else has a running back, Brett.”

“I’m only doing this to help you. What’s his name won’t mind and you’re going to sell way more of these with two Brett Favres. Everyone knows two Brett Favres is better than just one Brett Favre!”

“Okay, Mr. Favre.”

(Via BannedInHollywood)

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