For love of the game

Just when I praised Brett Favre for his toughness, he again reveals what a dick he is.

Favre’s streak of consecutive starts came to an end at 297, Monday night, because of a sprained shoulder. Favre, of course, was ready to take full advantage of the moment.

Favre is hawking footballs to commemorate the streak on his website. Here’s the whimsical description of the one true must-have item being shilled at you by the old money grubber… I mean, gunslinger.

One of the most historic streaks ever in all of sports has come to an end. The NFL’s own Ironman Brett Favre has ended his consecutive starting game streak at 297. Chances are if your under 40 you don’t remember a time in the NFL with out Brett Favre playing on Sunday. This is a monumental feat especially at the quarterback position. Just consider since 1992 the Chicago Bears have watched over 20 QB’s start for their team; and the average career length in the NFL is less than four years.

We are now offering Official NFL football signed by Brett with inscription: 297 starts 1992-2010

And guess what. This piece of awesome NFL memorabilia is yours for the low, low price of $499.99!

It’s a virtual interception! I mean, steal!

It’s nice that they point out Favre ended the streak, not the Minnesota Vikings or Buffalo Bills linebacker Arthur Moats, who delivered the hit that landed Favre in the infirmary.

That’s right, Favre alone decided the streak would end, even though he couldn’t throw a football all week. We should all be so lucky to have things dictated to us by Lord Favre, master of time and space.

Actually, why wouldn’t Favre want to end the streak this week? If he would have played all season, he couldn’t have cashed in on the fact the streak ended.

This is an Official NFL Brett Favre signed football with inscription. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and a picture of Brett from the signing and holograms.


“Hey, guys, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to play this week. What can I do to immediately take advantage of my idiot fans?”

“Sign some footballs with 297 painted on them and sell them?”

“Golly, that’s brilliant! Sign me up!”

That’s okay, Brett. Hawk your footballs.

You’re going to need all the money you can get for your divorce settlement, you stupid hick.

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