Defense reins once again in Chicago.

No one has really taken the Chicago Bears seriously this year, particularly in these parts.

In fact, they only beat the Green Bay Packers because the Packers handed them the game on a silver platter with a team-record 18 penalties, terrible special teams play, and poor coaching decisions by Mike McCarthy.

Still, a win is a win and the Chicago Bears now have seven of them on the season after dominating a severely-shorthanded Miami Dolphins team, in a game that was completely unwatchable, Thursday night.

That’s the thing with the Bears, though. They’re not pretty. They’re definitely lucky. They’re winning anyway.

Let’s look at who the Bears beat this season — Detroit, Dallas, Green Bay, Carolina, Buffalo, Minnesota, Miami.

Out of those victories, the Packers are the only real playoff contender in the bunch, right now. The Bears three losses — Giants, Seattle, Washington — feature two playoff contenders.

You could make the argument that the Bears are 1-2 against teams that are any good, and a lot of people are, but the Bears are, for the most part, beating the teams a playoff team beats.

How are they doing it?

Certainly not with offense. The Bears are ranked 29th in the league in yards and 25th in points scored.

Nope. These Bears are doing it with defense.

The Bears are fourth in total defense, first in points allowed (14.6) and second against the run.

They’ve also been nearly injury free. With the exception of linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer, the Bears have no one of note on injured reserve.

Kind of reminds you of the 2006 Chicago Bears.

You remember those clowns, don’t you?

Boneheaded quarterback always throwing into coverage, no name group of receivers, solid running game, excellent special teams led by Devin Hester, dominating defense led by Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher…

Man, kind of reminds me of the 2010 Chicago Bears.

Of course, that 2006 version finished 13-3, won the NFC North and went to the Super Bowl.

They also got no respect along the way. Kind of like the 2010 Chicago Bears.

I’m not ready to suggest these Bears are those Bears quite yet, but I’m no longer going to be surprised if the Bears keep winning. We’ll know a lot more about this team in the coming weeks.

The Bears remaining schedule is much tougher than their slate, so far. They finish like this: Philadelphia Eagles, at Detroit, New England Patriots, at Minnesota, New York Jets and at Green Bay.

Fate has smiled on the Bears by putting three of the four toughest remaining games in Soldier Field.

It’s probably about time those of us in Packerland started thinking about that final game of the season and hoping it means something for the Packers.