Jenn Sterger

Hello, pussycat!

Hey, remember me? I’m Jenn Sterger, the chick that allegedly received inappropriate messages and cock shots from Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

Sterger finally sat down with NFL officials after weeks of deliberating, stalling, hoping to get a financial settlement, working the story for publicity or whatever your take on the events are.

Sterger gave the league a substantial amount of information beyond what was initially reported in relation to Favre’s pursuit of her, according to the New York Post. The Post also suggests the meeting substantially increases the chance the league will pursue disciplinary action against Favre.

Sterger was accompanied at the three-hour meeting by her lawyer, Joseph Conway, and her manager, Phil Reese.

“We can confirm that a meeting took place with the NFL today and we cooperated fully by providing them with substantial materials in our possession,” Reese said.

“We now await the NFL’s decision.”

Asked if she had gone beyond merely confirming what was first reported about Favre’s ham-handed pursuit of Sterger, Reese said “yes,” adding that it was “a substantial amount beyond what had already been reported.” He would not elaborate.

Favre has admitted to leaving voice mails for Sterger, but denied sending photos of his dong.

He hasn’t complimented publicly on the situation. Neither has his wife, Deanna, who, the last we heard, was not supporting her husband.