Who's going to sit Favre? The Vikings, the NFL or Favre?

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre said he wanted to go home and “re-evaluate” after losing to the Green Bay Packers 31-3, on Sunday.

What re-evaluate means exactly, Favre didn’t say. Of course, there’s speculation Favre may hang it up before the season ends and with good reason.

The Vikings are all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Favre’s stated goal in coming back this season was to play for a Super Bowl.

“I came back for a Super Bowl, you’re right. Also [there is] a chance that that doesn’t happen, probably a better chance that we don’t. And there’s a way better chance that you won’t play as well as last year. … But this is a little surprising. Again, I’m just going to go home and … I don’t want to say ‘think’ about this game. Just re-evaluate tomorrow.”

Now that we all know the Vikings aren’t going to get to the Super Bowl unless they buy tickets, what is Favre’s motivation?

In fact, what is the Vikings’ motivation to keep trotting him out there week after week? Not only are the Vikings playing for pride, but Favre is playing the worst football of his career.

On the season he has only 10 touchdowns against 17 interceptions, he’s lost five fumbles and he’s looking lost in the pocket. Not only isn’t Favre keeping the 3-7 Vikings in games, he’s taking them out of them.

With the organization now looking to next season, why wouldn’t they give Tarvaris Jackson a look?

Here’s the other wild card. The sexual harassment investigation against Favre is in the process of winding down. The NFL has spoken to Jenn Sterger, who allegedly received photos of Favre’s dick via text, and is now using electronic forensics to track those photos.

It looks like, one way or another, the league is going to know if Favre sent the photos or not. While he admitted to leaving voice messages for Sterger, he denied sending the photos.

If he lied to the NFL, Favre has one more reason to call it quits. If the photos were indeed of Lil’ Brett, there’s a good chance the NFL will suspend Favre.

Does he really want to go through that embarrassment?

When you add everything up, there’s no reason for Brett Favre to keep playing. If he sticks around he could well be benched by the Vikings if he isn’t suspended by the NFL, first

If I were betting, I’d bet Brett Favre retires before the Vikings or the NFL sends him to the bench.