Love meeeeeeee! Pleeeeeeeease!

Unless the Minnesota Vikings inexplicably go on a roll and rip off a few victories in a row, it seems increasingly likely coach Brad Childress will be canned before the season is over.

Of course, considering Childress is one of the biggest idiots on the face of the earth, that’s bad news for the rest of the NFC North. However, the writing is on the wall.

Receiver Randy Moss, who was released by the team on Tuesday, reportedly approached owner Zygi Wilf after the Vikings’ loss to New England, last Sunday, and told Wilf to fire Childress.

Moss entered the Vikings’ locker room following their 28-18 week eight loss to the Patriots and approached Wilf and other executives. He then proceeded to tell the owner that the head coach wasn’t fit to run an NFL team and should be let go. Moments later, at his press conference, Moss blasted Childress publicly and said how much respect he had for Bill Belichick, his former coach.

Childress, who has full discretion over personnel, didn’t think too much of Moss’ behavior and released him without consulting anyone.

This didn’t sit too well with Wilf, who reportedly considered dumping Childress instead of Moss.

Randy Moss did not appear on waivers for 24 hours because Vikings owner Zygi Wilf was furious about being circumvented by Brad Childress and considered retaining Moss and firing the head coach, according to a team source.

Childress, of course, is still with the team, but Wilf met with several players this week in an attempt to gauge whether the players still support the coach.

We’re going to guess not all of them do.

On Friday, Childress got in a heated argument with receiver Percy Harvin during practice. Perhaps it’s coincidence, but Harvin has been publicly critical of the move to release Moss.

If that isn’t enough, fans at Friday night’s Minnesota Timberwolves game broke out in a “fire Childress” chant.

Personally, I can’t wait until the Vikings completely implode. Couldn’t happen to a finer organization.