Jenn Sterger

Pay me, bitch!

For now, it’s speculation, but it makes a lot of sense and comes from someone who knows a thing or two about the NFL.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio suggested Jenn Sterger wants hush money from Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre to make this whole Cockgate situation go away.

If you don’t know by now, Favre allegedly texted Sterger pictures of his cock when both were employed by the New York Jets.

On Tuesday, Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, issued a statement regarding the NFL’s ongoing investigation of the matter, saying “We don’t want a quick resolution, but the proper resolution. We’re looking at all our options right now and our only concern is what’s in Jenn’s best interest.”

Florio explains why cooperating with the NFL investigation may not be in Sterger’s best interests.

Reese’s use of the terms “proper resolution” and “Jenn’s best interest” will serve only to fuel speculation that an ultimate decision not to cooperate with the NFL possibly was driven by Favre’s decision to divert to Sterger some of the $16 million Favre is earning from the Vikings in 2010.

Indeed, Reese’s statement fairly can be interpreted as an open invitation to Favre to commence the process of negotiating a confidentiality agreement and/or a settlement of any potential claims. Otherwise, Reese wouldn’t be talking about “proper resolution” and “Jenn’s best interest.” Instead, Reese would be saying that Sterger wants to do the right thing, and that if the NFL believes the information that has been reported by Deadspin compels an investigation in order to eradicate potential sexual harassment from the pro football workplace, then she has no qualms about telling her story.

The idea of Favre paying Sterger isn’t hard to fathom. The precedent was set when Tiger Woods paid mistress Rachel Uchitel $10 million for her silence.

Of course, that didn’t save his marriage.

Can somebody get Deanna on the phone? Where is she while all of this is going on?

I’d love to hear her thoughts.