John Limbach

This is the guy you want to meet Brett Favre.

This may sound like an odd request from someone who hates Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, but I want you to help Green Bay Packers fan John Limbach win an opportunity to meet and catch a pass from the traitor himself.

Why? Mostly because Limbach is competing against a bunch of Vikings fans and, as you know, the Vikings and their fans suck.

So, you’re probably asking yourself why a Packers fan would want to meet Brett Favre anyway.

“I will always appreciate Brett for what he did as a Packer, on the field. Love him, hate him or don’t care, it would be cool to catch a ball from him and as a Packers fan I would now consider it another famous interception,” Limbach said.

Anyway, Wrangler is sponsoring the contest, which is called My Wrangler Story, and you can go to their site to vote for John by giving his entry five stars (at the top of the page).

This is good versus evil, people. Vote early and often and make sure the forces of good prevail.

The contest runs until Nov. 10.

John Limbach’s Wrangler Story

Ed. note: This post was removed and reposted at John’s request. It was also edited at John’s request. We could give a fuck about the Minnesota Vikings, their fans or Todd Glocke. You trolls can go back to staking out junior high girls.