Aaron Rodgers

Cameron Wake with one of his three sacks.

It’s like deva vu all over again.

The Green Bay Packers managed one touchdown in the second half, which was just enough to get into overtime and lose to the Miami Dolphins 23-20, on a 44-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter.

The script was eerily similar to the Packers overtime loss to the Washington Redskins a week earlier. The Packers failed to move the ball in the second half. The defense failed to generate any pressure on Miami quarterback Chad Henne without linebacker Clay Matthews, who sat out with a hamstring injury.

Aaron Rodgers ended up with 313 yards passing. Greg Jennings had 133 yards receiving. Brandon Jackson averaged 4.4 yards per rush. None of it was enough because the Packers couldn’t make plays when they had to.

The season is far from over, but these Green Bay Packers are not a Super Bowl contender. They’re average, as their 3-3 record indicates.

The Packers have a chance to compete with anyone, they just don’t have the killer instinct to beat teams. Matthews being inactive is a big part of the reason. It’s now apparent just how important he is to the defense — the Packers had no sacks against Miami and they didn’t come close to Henne most of the day.

Cornerback Tramon Williams and nose tackle B.J. Raji were the only playmakers on the Packers defense. Williams finished with seven tackles and an interception. Raji finished with seven tackles as well and was the only defensive lineman who made a consistent push.

Charles Woodson, on the other hand, looked like a shell of the player who won the defensive player of the year award, last season.

On offense, the only guys who showed up were the aforementioned players.

The Packers offensive line continues to be a problem. Just as soon as we anointed rookie Bryan Bulaga the real deal, he went out and played worse than the guy he was filling in for at right tackle, Mark Tauscher. And that’s saying something. Tauscher has been terrible this year. Left tackle Chad Clifton wasn’t much better.

Unfortunately, this is what the Packers have.

This is who the Packers are — a mediocre football team.