We’ve got a great opportunity for you here today at Total Packers — you can win a $100 gift certificate from CSN Stores to use on anything you want.

CSN has more than 200 stores, where you can buy anything from kitchen tables to the biggest goddam grill you’ve ever seen. You can also buy things for your kids, things for your home, tools, school supplies, shoes, etc. You can check out the main CSN Stores site here.

Here’s how you can win.

In the comments of this post, tell us why you love the Green Bay Packers or, if you’re a Vikings troll or troll from some other team, tell us why you hate the Green Bay Packers. We’ll pick the best comment as the winner.

The contest will end at 12 a.m. CT on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

CSN Stores

Here are some pointers for success.

Do not make your entry longer than a paragraph. We all have ADD here and cannot focus for that long. Succinctness is appreciated.

Do not enter more than once. If you can’t explain yourself with one entry, you don’t deserve to win. And remember, we can see your IP address, so don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes.

Your comment can be anything from how you got into the Packers (or started to hate them) to your favorite moment as a Packers fan (or non-fan). It can also be anything in between. These are not hard-and-fast rules.

Humor is appreciated and so is passion. The winning answer will demonstrate your love or hate for the Packers and also be entertaining.

Have at it.