His mother did not pay enough attention to him as a child

Minnesota Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe is a little butt hurt because his joke of an organization isn’t getting as much attention as it was last season.

No, that attention is now being focused on the Green Bay Packers and Shiancoe wants to have a cry about it.

”You’ve got to watch a team like the Packers – they’re the new Cowboys,” Shiancoe continued, his sarcasm obvious. ”Everybody’s jumping on their jock, like they’ve actually gone to the Super Bowl, and won it.

”Give them credit. They did good in the preseason. I mean, good. Good job. That’s good stuff.”

Shiancoe paused for effect, then added: ”You know what, Philly’s defense is pretty good, too. It always is. We’ll see how [the Packers] fare against them.”

Right. I get it Visanthe…

Wait, no I don’t. What the hell do you care, you stupid cunt?

Is your fragile ego not getting massaged enough?

And when did you or the Vikings last go to the Super Bowl?

Oh, that’s right. I always forget. The last time you went to a Super Bowl was NEVER! (Yeah, that’s right, I was thinking about winning a Super Bowl, which the Vikings never have done and never will. Fucking losers.)

Fucking shitbag.

You just did a great job of reinforcing the point I always like to make about your organization and your fans. You have no class and you just can’t stop talking even when it makes you look like an ignorant asshole.

I mean, is there some sort of virus that invades your body and turns you into a classless mouth breather when you cross into Minnesota?

Hopefully, scientists are researching the case now. Until there’s a definitive resolution, you can just crawl back into your hole Visanthe… your last-place hole.