Jason Spitz

Spitz could be playing elsewhere this year.

It’s all going to come down to the offer, but several teams have reportedly inquired about the availability of Green Bay Packers guard/center Jason Spitz.

Spitz has started 45 games for the Packers and has done so at both guard positions and center. He remains a valuable backup for the Packers, but teams like Oakland, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Denver and Houston could plug him into the starting lineup, meaning the Packers may get a decent offer.

Moving Spitz would free up a roster spot for one of the Packers younger offensive linemen, most likely guard/center Evan Dietrich-Smith, who is a player other teams are keeping an eye on as well.

Dietrich-Smith won’t command the same compensation Spitz would in a trade, and teams may be content to see if he’s released, but it seems possible one of the two players will be moved by Saturday, when the Packers have reduce their roster to 53 players.

The other will likely remain on the roster and be a backup at the interior line positions.