It’s Chicago Bears week and before I get to trashing the Bears I will say this: the Bears look pretty good this year, particularly on offense. The Green Bay Packers will be tested on Monday night in Chicago.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me get to the point. The Chicago Bears and their fans can lick my grandfather’s filthy taint.

I spit in your general direction, mouth breathers, and that goes doubly so for any cunt who hails from Wisconsin and, for some reason, is a Bears fan. Is it the Green Bay Packers fault your father beat you and your mother was a whore?

No. It isn’t. So get over it.

So, anyway, here’s a perfect example of a Bears fan. This was shot last weekend before the Bears played the Dallas Cowboys.

You’ll notice two things that make this particular species of mouth breather unique in the NFL kingdom and completely unlike a Packers fan.

1. This felcher has consumed so much alcohol and is in such a state of disrepair people think he’s dead. At the same point, a Packers fan would be able to carry on a conversation about third world economies while ordering another shot of whiskey.

2. This skidmark’s friends just hang him out to dry and let people take photos with him — so like a Chicago Bears fan. There’s a point in the video where some asks if he’s alive and one of his friends says, we wouldn’t bring a dead person out here.

Wouldn’t you, Chicago Bears fan?

Wouldn’t you?

Via Guyism.