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There’s a reason I hate that inbred species known as the Minnesota Vikings fan more than I do the Chicago Bears fan.

It’s because the former is a completely ignorant amalgamation of failure and filth that they pollute the gene pool and make us all worse off. The latter beast is usually docile and like the rest of us, but once and a while gets rowdy and moronic.

In other words, we often overlook or forgive the Chicago Bears fan for their occasional stupidity. After last night’s game, I’m not so sure we should do that anymore. Why?

Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins got in a post-game altercation with a Chicago Bears fan as he was heading into the tunnel.

Collins was provoked by the fan and reportedly threw his mouthpiece at him, before being restrained by Donald Driver.

What prompted the reaction from Collins? Apparently, the fan spit on him and called him the N word.


Way to represent your city and your football team.

Since Collins is probably going to get fined if he says anything else, let me retort to this particular individual on behalf of Packer Nation.

I hope you got in a car accident on the way home and died, so your ignorance can’t be spread beyond Soldier Field.

Collins apologized in the locker room, but the NFL is reviewing the incident.

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