Guest Post
Morgan Burnett

Morgan Burnett takes part in some training camp tradition

The following was filed from Green Bay Packers training camp on Aug. 1.

Perfect day here in Green Bay. It’s already 70 and sunny and it is just past 8 a.m., local time.

Quick observations…..
– Just saw some old douche rocking one of those annoying Packers/Jets/Vikings #4 jerseys with a vintage 96′ Super Bowl cap. Nobody wants him sitting next to him.
– Players are starting to arrive. It looks like Brad Jones is sitting out with a back injury this morning.
– Brett Swain and Ronald Talley are also out, as is Mark Tauscher. T.J. Lang starts in his place.
– Justin Harrell and Brady Poppinga are running with the No. 1 defense.
– Greg Jennings slips on a route, gets back up and makes a catch down the sideline.
– Jordy Nelson shows great hands on pass from Aaron Rodgers.
– Desmond Bishop delivers with a big hit.
– Graham Harrell shows quick recognition with a quick pass.
– Chris Bryan is off on his first kick, but does well after that with directional kicks inside the 20.
– Tim Masthay also does well kicking inside the 20. Both kickers put backspin on the ball, dropping it nose-first.
– Well run screen to Grant.
– Jennings on an end-around…. wasn’t touched for 15 yards.
– Brandon Jackson makes a nice move on a screen play.
– Driver with the end-around, made a decent cut upfield.
– Morgan Burnett is constantly on Darren Perry’s shoulder, getting advice. Atari Bigby is just watching.
– Nick Collins hits Grant at the line. No gain.
– Rodgers feels the pressure, steps up and completes a pass to Jennings.
– Kregg Lumpkin has a nice run outside. made a couple of nifty moves.
– Will Blackmon reads a crossing pass to Donald Lee well — no gain.
– Ryan rant slips at the line of scrimmage on a run.
– Rodgers makes a perfect pass over the head of A.J. Hawk to Jordy Nelson.
– Burnett has perfect coverage on Jermichael Finley. Rodgers had to throw it away.
– Matt Flynn with a beautiful pass to Jennings… and was hit by Campbell on the play. Red jerseys are not to be hit. Oops.
– Run defense looking strong. Grant had nowhere to go on a run outside. Hawk pushed him out for no gain.
– Charles Woodson breaks up a pass… almost a diving interception by Hawk.
– Brandon Jackson with a nice run… pushed out after a gain of 10+ yards.
– Dillon with the drop of a short pass…. naga…. notgonnamaketheteam.
– Finley almost drops a pass as it bounces off his hands, off his facemask, then he reels it in. Big play.
– Rodgers overthrows Jennings… INT to Will Blackmon. The ball went right to him.
– Bush would of had the sack on the blitz…. Flynn overthrows Moturi.
– Burnett makes a INT on Rodgers in 7-on-7 drills. Pass was tipped and Burnett made a good read on the ball.
– Dillon with an amazing tip-toe catch on the sidelines.
– Dillon makes a nice catch in traffic in front of Shields. I may retract my previous statement on his future status with the team.
– Rodgers to Jennings on a 20-yard pass in traffic.
– Practicing fake FGs right now from the right hash. Humorous since I have a hard time remembering the last time Mason Crosby made one from the right hash.
– Quick pressure on Rodgers by Brady Poppinga/Clay Matthews forces a scramble and Rogers throws it away.
– Burnett steps up a puts a hit on Jackson as he breaks through the line.
– Bishop picks off Flynn. Jarrett Bush hurt on the play.
– Grant makes a nice cut outside after the middle was jammed up… decent gain.
– Screen to Jackson would of been blown up by quick pressure from Matthews.
– Rodgers to Finley…. all day every day.
– Jackson is showing some great moves today.
– Woodson reads Rodgers and drops a reasonable pick. Athletic to get there but it’s a play he usually makes.
– Mike Neal reads a screen perfectly.

Practice over.

Thoughts on the Day:
The offense looked a little sloppy, which seems typical early in training camp. Rodgers is looking razor-sharp but he is still holding onto the ball for extended periods of time. My hope is that he is just trying to give a WR a play and that his in-game time clock is a little better, but we will have to wait and see on that.

The punting competition really does look like it is neck-to-neck with both punters looking substantially better than any from the recent past. Masthay seems to be a little more consistent on long punts but his punting style looks a little different to me… like his kick comes almost in a side-kick type of fashion. I’m not sure how Masthay’s style will hold up in cold weather, but with the constant rain this area has been getting recently, we may get a chance to see.

Morgan Burnett has the look of a starter whether Bigby is back or not.

A warning to would-be visitors to training camp… DON’T wear a #4 vikings jersey. That is about as smart as the guy who wore a LeBron James Heat jersey to a Cleveland Indians game recently. Get a life and get a new jersey OR expect the worst.

Another tip to those who stop by training camp… make a note of which end zone has the camera tower in it. That will be the half of the field the team scrimmages offense vs. defense.