C'mon, who wouldn't respect this guy?

Apparently, the real reason Brett Favre was thinking about not returning to the Minnesota Vikings had nothing to do with his health.

Favre, like the rest of us, has no respect for Vikings’ coach Brad Childress.

It makes you wonder — what does it say when a guy who no one has any respect for, says he has no respect for another guy? Is that like the double kiss of death or is it just the pot calling the kettle black? Anyway…

One of the biggest issues playing out behind the scenes in Minnesota is that many players, particularly on offense, have no respect for Childress. Among those players is Favre, who officially returned to the team Wednesday. According to multiple team sources, Favre’s disdain for Childress is deep.

“Brett thinks Childress has no clue about offense,” a Vikings player said.

Childress’ presence, not Favre’s ankle injury, was one of the biggest reasons Favre was hesitating about playing again, sources said. In early July, Favre had indicated to one player that he was likely to play. However, after Childress visited Favre on July 19, Favre’s desire to return declined.

I love it. Does anyone want to predict the over/under on when the Vikings implode this season?

First sign of adversity? First two-game losing streak? First time Favre gets in an argument with Childress on the sidelines?

It looks like the love fest in Minneapolis is nothing but a bunch of made-up BS.

It’s a good thing the Vikings gave Childress a contact extension through the 2013 season, last November. As usual, the Minnesota Vikings organization shows just what a joke it is.