He may be a moron, but he sure can play ball.

Former Green Bay Packers tight end Mark Chmura called current Packers tight end Jermichael Finley a moron during his weekly radio show last week.

Chmura was irritated by comments Finley made after the Packers scrimmage, last Saturday. During an interview, Finley yelled “Super Bowl” and “Dallas, Texas,” which is where this year’s Super Bowl will be held.

On his radio show, Chmura said, “He is a great player, but he is a moron.”

Finley learned of the comments and fired back at Chmura on Thursday.

“That’s just one of those jealousy things, I guess,” Finley said. “I’m not trying to call him out or nothing. But that’s how I see it.”

Finley and Chmura have never met.

“Never seen him. If he walked in this locker room, I wouldn’t know who he was,” Finley said. “I think he thought they stopped inventing the Super Bowl when they won it in ’96, so he doesn’t want to see that from my standpoint.”

Whatever the hell that means.