No more Favre playoff failures for the Vikings?

Somehow I find this hard to believe, but the Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has started to inform people within the organization he’s going to retire.

Jay Glazer is reporting that Favre is citing the wear and tear on his body as the reason he’s hanging it up and has informed teammates of his decision.

Whether the decision sticks or not will be another story. Favre told the Vikings the same thing prior to last season’s training camp and changed his mind and decided to join the team on Aug. 18.

Vikings coach Brad Childress had little to say about Favre during his Tuesday morning press conference, going so far as to deny Favre had told him anything.

Childress, who admitted the situation is “fluid,” said he had talked to Favre in the past 24 hours, but didn’t divulge details.

“He’s a 40 year old man and has to come to grips [with his decision],” Childress said.

Vikings players also denied knowing anything, as they were leaving morning practice.

The Vikings obviously want Favre to come back and there are now reports the team is willing to offer him more time and more money to do so. Favre was already scheduled to make $13 million this season.

Favre had ankle surgery earlier this offseason, which seemed a clear sign he would play in 2010. He has also been going through his usual routine of practicing with the local high school team in Hattiesburg, Miss.

If Favre does indeed retire, the dynamics of the NFC North will change dramatically. The Green Bay Packers will become the clear favorite. The Vikings will be forced to start Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback and to suggest Jackson is a step down from Favre would be an understatement.

More on the situation as it develops.