Don't throw any money at me!

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre does not play for money, but he will sure as hell take that additional $3.5 million you want to throw at him.

No, Brett Favre clearly stated earlier this month that if Brett Favre came back to the Minnesota Vikings, he would not be coming back for the money. The Vikings paid no attention to what Brett Favre had to say and offered him an extra $3.5 million anyway, raising his 2010 salary to $16.5 million.

Of course, Brett Favre, not being at all about money, refused the offer.

Oh… wait a second… nope… Brett Favre gladly pocketed the extra $3.5 million.

With newly-included incentives, Favre could earn as much as $20 million this season.

This is only speculation, but we suspect there are no penalties for chucking a ball across your body with your team’s playoff fate on the line and blowing the whole goddam thing.