Your Super Bowl XLV MVP

We’ve talked about the importance, or lack there of, of preseason predictions.

However, is a little bit different and little bit more intriguing. The site uses a computer to generate the results for each NFL game of the season based on player stats. Of course, they’re using 2009 season stats for their projections at this point, but if you’re a Packers fan, the results are still interesting.

The computer simulation predicts the Packers will finish 13-3, win the NFC North and the Super Bowl, defeating the San Diego Chargers. has also named Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers as Super Bowl MVP, after he throws for 300 yards and two touchdowns.

On their road to the title, the Packers will defeat the Carolina Panthers in the divisional round and the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship game.

So there you have it. No need to even play the season.

Click the link above for the full simulation and results.