Man, the Green Bay Packers under coach Forrest Gregg were terrible, but if there’s one thing you could count on, it’s that they’d lay some cheap shots on the Chicago Bears.

The Bears were good, especially in 1985 and 1986, and the Packers really had no business being on the same field with them at the time. There was a disparity in talent that was heavily in favor of Chicago, but for some reason, Gregg always had his team foaming at the mouth when they played the Bears.

Packers/Bears was THE rivalry and in the ’80s, these guys genuinely hated each other. It was a different time, before players on opposing teams helped each other off the ground and patted each other on the ass during the game. The hatred the Packers had for the Bears carried over from when Gregg was a player in the ’60s.

All of it lead to some infamous cheap shots on the Packers’ part.

Now, thanks to this video, you can relive some of them.

We’ve got Mark Lee throwing Walter Payton over the bench, Ken Stills crushing Matt Suhey well after the whistle (a personal favorite of mine), and the greatest cheap shot of all time — Charles Martin throwing Jim McMahon down on his injured shoulder after he’s throw an interception and ruining any shot the Bears had at repeating as Super Bowl champs after the ’86 season.

Fuck yeah! And fuck you, Chicago!