Peterson is likely to become vocal about his contract

As you probably know, I hate the Minnesota Vikings.

More than terrorists.

So, this potential disaster/distraction/whatever puts a smile on my face.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson isn’t happy. Who would be, playing for that despicable franchise?

Michael Lombardi reports Peterson will be the next player to complain about his contract.

Peterson is still playing on his rookie contract, which was a six-year deal worth $40.5 million. This year, he’s scheduled to make around $7 million and in 2011, he’ll make $10 million — a number that could increase to $13 million with incentives. The final year of the deal will void.

Those aren’t bad numbers, but Peterson wants a long-term deal. At 25, he should be entering the prime of his career and his next deal will likely be his final, big-money long-term contract.

Even though this is only his fourth season, Peterson already has a lot of miles on the odometer and he isn’t likely to be productive after the age of 30. Peterson has logged more than 350 touches the past two seasons and had more than 250 his rookie season. The Vikings have received great production for their dollar with seasons of 1,341, 1,760 and 1,383 yards rushing and 13, 10 and 18 touchdowns in 2007, 2008 and 2009, respectively.

Not to suggest Peterson is already slowing down, but he’s likely to slow down sooner than most backs, not simply because his touches are so high, but because of his hard-nosed running style. Peterson’s yards per carry have decreased each season he’s been in the league — 5.6 in 2007, 4.8 in 2008 and 4.4 in 2009.

Those are all above-average numbers, but they aren’t going in the right direction.

There’s already been a hint of discord between Peterson and the Vikings. Peterson skipped the team’s mandatory minicamp earlier this offseason. He hasn’t publicly brought up his contract, but it seems like only a matter of time and the Vikings haven’t given any indication they’re working on or are open to working on a new deal for their star back.

Knowing the Vikings, they’ll do something stupid, like when they gave coach Brad Childress a contract extension for… letting Brett Favre make him look like a serviceable NFL coach.

I think it’s about time the Vikings implode. Hopefully, this will be the conflict that triggers the reaction.

That, or Jared Allen will finally get caught fucking barnyard animals.