Good at football. Sucks at life.

Former Green Bay Packers safety LeRoy Butler has always been outspoken when it comes to the subject of Brett Favre.

Last year, he told Jim Rome he’d retire before playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

Today, Butler said he pities Favre because he can’t find anything to do with his life other than play football.

“I actually feel sorry for the guy because he can’t do like we do,” Butler said. “I’ve always said, from the day when he cried in front of the media in Wisconsin and retired, the guy is a football player. He’s not good at anything else.”

Butler, who was Favre’s teammate for 10 seasons, also feels Favre will play in 2010.

“He’s a football player,” Butler said. “That’s the only thing he wants to do and he’s going to continue to do that.”

Makes sense.

It also makes you wonder what the hell Favre is going to do when his cold, dead carcass is carried off the field for the last time. He’s definitely not an actor. He’s not well-spoken enough to be an announcer or commentator (but then again, neither is Emmitt Smith). Superstar players rarely make good coaches.

I guess the alternative to playing football is to rot away in the Mississippi swamp with Deanna and tell stories of his glory years, which kind of makes you understand why he keeps playing.