Johnny Jolly: likes to get fucked up

Green Bay Packers defensive end Johnny Jolly reportedly tested positive multiple times under the league’s substance abuse policy, prompting his indefinite suspension by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

That was the word from Packers beat reporter Jason Wilde, who appeared on The Miller Lite Football Show on Sunday.

“[Jolly] was already in the program and he tested positive, which would have given him a four-game suspension,” Wilde said. “While he was appealing that suspension, he either missed another test or he tested positive again, which then kicks it up to a year-long suspension.”

Missing a test is equal to a positive test in the NFL’s eyes.

Former Packers tight end Mark Chmura, who hosts the show, went on to say he heard Jolly failed 20 tests.

“I heard the number was like 20,” Chmura said. “I heard it was a large number. My feeling is it probably got to the point where [Jolly] said ‘the heck with it. Who cares? They’re going to suspend me for a year. They got me more than twice, so let’s just keep doing purple drank.'”

That number is hard to believe and we’d suspect it probably has been inflated on its way through the rumor mill.

Still, it seems increasingly obvious Johnny Jolly isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Jolly’s trial for felony possession of codeine is scheduled to begin this week in Houston.