Makes me laugh.

Because frankly, we have nothing better to do at the moment — and neither does the national media, who NEED some sort of Brett Favre story, while they wait for Brett Favre to tell them Brett Favre is going to play in 2010 — we’ll bring you this.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre says maybe he’ll play until he’s 50.

“Hell, you gotta quit sometime,” Favre said. “Then again, maybe I will be doing this when I’m 50 years old, who knows?”

Not you. That’s for sure.

This was part of USA Today’s latest piece on Favre, which looked at whether the quarterback will come back this season.

Hint: he will.

However, the ankle Favre had surgery on this offseason may limit him for however long he decides to play. The main question then, is how much the injury limits his mobility and his effectiveness.

“I wake up in the morning, your feet hurt and the rest of you feels like (expletive deleted), you know?” Favre says. “The ankle still feels like it did before surgery. As the day goes by, it loosens up a bit. But I keep telling myself, ‘Hey, you’re 40. You have had three (ankle) surgeries, so you ought to pretty thankful it’s not worse than it is.’ “

I can think of a few people who’d love to see a statuesque Brett Favre standing in the pocket, not able to avoid the oncoming pass rush.

Since Favre can’t make a decision about his future, maybe someone can make it for him — kind of like Lawrence Taylor decided Joe Theisman’s future.