Clearly, those idiots to the west don’t know how this Brett Favre thing works.

Granted, this will only be the second year of Favre’s tenure with the Minnesota Vikings, and Vikings fans are the most ignorant lot in all of professional sports fandom, so maybe we should give them a break…

No, that’s a terrible idea. Almost as terrible as a Minnesota Vikings fan procreating.

Consider this a public service announcement — one that will allow us to ignore Brett Favre and the people who dreamily pine for Brett Favre.

This is how the offseason works when Brett Favre is your quarterback.

1. Immediately after he’s thrown your season away via interception and on through the spring, Brett Favre gives mixed signals to the media and people around him about whether he plans on playing next season. Media and Favreophiles lap up said load of crap like pigs at the trough and bring it to you as often as possible.

2. Lord Favre reveals the extent of the horrific injuries he suffered during the previous season to drum up sympathy and if necessary, debates with himself in the media whether or not he should have surgery for said ailment, all the time knowing he will have surgery.

3. Lord Favre has surgery and recuperates from surgery, while explaining to the media that he still isn’t sure what he plans on doing next season, all the time knowing he will play. The media and uninitiated public continue to suckle at the Favre teat.

4. After he receives sufficient media attention and concessions from his team’s coaching staff, Lord Favre announces he will return for one more season.

Of course, some people are too stupid to understand all of this and so, you get things like this from the Pioneer Press.

Hilarity at it’s finest.