If you read this blog, you surely remember the video from St. Paul Pioneer Press Columnist Jim Ragsdale, who, in a lame attempt at humor, made a video plea for quarterback Brett Favre to come back to the Minnesota Vikings.

If you didn’t see it, our title for that post was: Another Stupid Brett Favre Plea From Another Stupid Minnesotan (link). So, that should pretty much sum it up.

In the video, Ragsdale called Favre’s home state of Mississippi a cesspool and predictably, people from said cesspool got all bent out of shape. Also, predictably, said stupid Minnesotan had to make a public apology.

“We do these spoof videos from time to time; we didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I deeply apologize for the wrong choice of words, and the cesspool word was intended as a joke. I could see people getting upset about the oil spill on the Gulf Coast and being associated with the word cesspool. I didn’t mean it that way. I deeply apologize,” Ragsdale said.

“It was a attempt to show how desperate we are to get Brett back. The cesspool word just happen to come out in a unscripted discussion. We intended this to be a joke.”

While Ragsdale might care what people from Mississippi think, apparently the Pioneer Press doesn’t give two shits. They plan to leave the video on their website.

Classy, as always Minnesota.

Empty ad slot (#1)!

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