Tarvaris Jackson: also known as The Answer

Minnesota Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe thinks the team’s offense will be the same whether it’s Brett Favre or Tarvaris Jackson behind center.

That’s right, the wunderkind Tarvaris Jackson.

I about shit myself, before laughing hysterically, when I read that statement.

OK, so maybe Shiancoe didn’t say exactly that, but he did say this.

“Nothing will change in our offensive approach if it’s Tarvaris,” Shiancoe said. “He has done a lot of growing up over the past year, getting more comfortable while learning, watching. Having Favre ahead of him was a blessing in that sense. His development has been overshadowed because he’s now doing it behind the scenes. If it turns out he’ll need to “re-debut,” he’ll be ready.”


Hey, we all know Favre will eventually stop pretending he doesn’t know if he’s going to play this year and show up at Vikings training camp, so Shiancoe’s comment doesn’t really matter.

But let’s say Favre’s foot gets run over by a lawn mower in the next month and he’s forced to spend the winter in Mississippi. I’m totally for that scenario, by the way.

The Vikings may think they can run the same offense with Tarvaris Jackson, and I’d love to see them try, but they can’t.

With Favre, the Vikings became a passing team, after being a running team with Jackson under center. There’s good reason for that. Favre can make more throws than Jackson, he’s more experienced and he’s smarter.

The last time I remember Tarvaris Jackson throwing a football… hahahahahahahahahaha!

So go ahead Minnesota, run the same offense with Tarvaris Jackson and let’s see how that works out.

In Shiancoe’s defense, he obviously isn’t real bright.

In the interview above he used the phrase “he say, she say.” I think the phrase you were looking for is “he said, she said,” you fucking moron.