Guy Fieri

This haircut in no way makes you look like a douche

I don’t normally post stuff like this, but I thought this was a pretty cool opportunity.

I probably would have submitted my own name if I had a “rig.” My crew just gets drunk on Old Fashions three hours before the game.

Remember, when you represent Green Bay Packers fans, you’re representing all of us, so don’t act or look like a fuckin’ douche.

Get Your Tailgating Team On Food Network With Guy Fieri!

Guy Fieri is throwing down the gauntlet, and tailgate teams from around the country will be dukin’ it out to see who has the most killer grub in the game! Bringing their rigs, grills, costumes, attitudes and amazing eats, these teams mean business and will be fighting for tailgating supremacy on new episodes of Food Network’s Tailgate Warriors.

Page Productions and Food Network are searching for Green Bay’s ultimate tailgaters to go head to head in a cooking competition against a tailgate team from the Seattle Seahawks! The team of four people should have culinary chops, colorful characters, team spirit, and, of course, an outrageous rig! The battle will take place outside of Qwest Field on August 21st, 2010 before the Seahawks-Packers preseason showdown.

If you and your band of loyal, hungry fans think you are taking tailgating to the next level, and have what it takes to be crowned “Tailgate Warriors”, email us at with a brief bio about your team and your recipes, along with a photo of your team and rig by July 14th, 2010, and you could be representing your team on Food Network’s Tailgate Warriors!