May as well have been his rookie season.

I was holding out a small bit of hope that Brett Favre might again, at some point during my lifetime, be considered a member of the Green Bay Packers’ family.

It would be a magical time when we could all just pretend he never stabbed anyone in the back, wasn’t an egomaniacal, selfish prick only worried about himself and that he never played for those bottom-of-the-barrel scumbags known as the Minnesota Vikings.

But Brett Favre will never let that happen.

Favre has had every opportunity to treat Packers’ fans and the organization that made him with respect and he’s taken none of them. At the same time, he takes every opportunity he can to build up the Vikings’ organization, whether he’s calling the 2009 team the best he’s ever played with or uttering things like he did last week.

Favre appeared via satellite — because you know, Brett Favre is too important to appear at your pithy event — at a business conference at the Target Center in Minneapolis, last week. That’s where he told the assembled crowd his biggest achievement was winning over Minnesota Vikings’ fans.

That’s right. Forget about winning a Super Bowl or MVP awards in three consecutive seasons, Favre’s biggest achievement was winning over Vikings’ fans, who will pretty much take any castoff they can get.

“My biggest accomplishment was winning over the majority of Minnesota Vikings fans,” Favre said. “I never thought I’d say that.”

Hey, maybe I’m somehow taking that out of context. Maybe Favre meant his biggest accomplishment in 2009 was winning over Vikings’ fans, and if Favre hadn’t made another cunty statement, I may have overlooked it.

Favre went on to say the 2009 season “defines my career more than any other season.”

Again, a reasonable person might think 1996 was Favre’s defining moment. Not only did he win the only Super Bowl he’s ever going to win, but he collected his second-straight NFL MVP.

Everything Favre has said since joining the shitbag Vikings’ organization indicates his grudge is either so deep against the Packers that he can’t forgive the organization (have I used megalomaniacal as an adjective yet?) or he’s completely forgotten about the years he played in Green Bay.

Although he’s exhibited signs of senility in the past, we suspect Favre’s memory isn’t completely gone yet

One day, I’m sure the Packers’ organization will try to do the classy thing and retire Favre’s number.

If they do, I won’t give a shit.

Brett Favre is a Viking.

Brett Favre is a stupid twat.

Brett Favre can go ahead and pretend he played his entire NFL career in Minnesota.

And Brett Favre can stay the hell out of Green Bay.

He was never there, as far as I’m concerned.