Maybe wear a suit next time you're charged with felony drug possession

Sure, Green Bay Packers’ defensive end Johnny Jolly has made more than a few questionable decisions, from committing personal fouls on the field to hosting parties while awaiting trial in a felony drug case to submitting to a voluntary polygraph test and failing.

So, the possibility has probably occurred to you — Johnny Jolly is on drugs.

Well, we can now tell you that Johnny Jolly is not on drugs.

Jolly was ordered to submit to a hair follicle drug test as part of his new, harsher bond restrictions and the results show Jolly is clean.

Of course, there is some speculation Jolly just beat the system.

The results were not surprising because a follicle test is largely dependent on the length of the hair (longer hair, longer the timeline of drug use). Jolly has short hair.

Not to suggest Jolly is huffing aerosol on a regular basis, but he did test positive for marijuana (the horror!) at the time of his arrest for drug possession, in 2008.

For now, Jolly has cleared one hurdle, but his trial awaits.