Al Harris

Al with teammates on Wednesday. Click photo for full gallery.

There was a time when Green Bay Packers’ cornerback Al Harris said he would return from his knee injury in six months. The injury happened in November, so that date has passed and as the days go on, it seems unlikely Harris will be ready for football action anytime soon.

Yesterday, it was noted that Harris’ injury is more than just a simple ACL tear. In fact, Harris tore some things we’ve never heard of in addition to the ACL.

“It is a very rare injury,” said Joe Caroccio, who began work with Harris at the Atlantic Rehab Center in Florida in January. “He had a torn anterior cruciate ligament, torn lateral collateral ligament, torn iliotibial band, fibular collateral ligament and torn lateral hamstring.”

That’s not exactly good news for the Packers, who have a lot of question marks at cornerback. And while Harris is determined to make it back, even he doesn’t know when that will be.

“I didn’t know the severity of the injury until I started doing a little research,” said Harris. “Guys don’t normally come back from injuries such as this and perform, so… you read that and take it for exactly what it is. Different people have their opinions. I have my opinion, and here we are June 2, I’m running.”

Earlier in the offseason, Packers’ coach Mike McCarthy suggested there was a possibility Harris wouldn’t be back for the start of the regular season. Although no one else gave the indication that was probable at the time, it now looks to be very probable.

Harris is now in Green Bay with his teammates, where he will finish his rehab, and the Packers inch closer to starting the season with Tramon Williams as a starting cornerback.