Owens would make sense for the Bears, but the move seems unlikely.

That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Really, I could care less what the Chicago Bears do. They’re still going to be the third or fourth best team in the NFC North if they sign Jesus Christ himself, but…

Word is, free agent receiver Terrell Owens was in Chicago this week for some personal appearances. While there, he hooked up with Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler and tight end Greg Olsen.

Owens doesn’t exactly have teams busting down his door and the Bears have what’s probably the shittiest receiving corp in the NFL. So people are naturally speculating about the Bears signing Owens.

Owens had 55 receptions for 829 yards and five touchdowns last season for the offensively-challenged Buffalo Bills. These represent his lowest totals since he played in only seven games for Philadelphia in 2005.

Owens clearly isn’t what he once was, but it seems like he has a little left in the tank.

If you compare Owens’ numbers with the Bears’ top receivers, you’ll see why signing him might make sense.

Devin Hester led Bears’ receivers with 57 receptions for 757 yards and three touchdowns. Earl Bennett had 54 receptions for 717 yards and two touchdowns. Johnny Knox, who didn’t start a game, had 45 receptions for 527 yards and five touchdowns.

Although Knox looks to have a bright future, Bennett is probably a No. 4 on just about every other NFL team and the Bears have been trying to teach Hester to play receiver for three years, with little success.

Meanwhile, Owens would give Cutler a big, strong receiver — something he hasn’t had since he teamed with Brandon Marshall in Denver and something he sorely missed last season.

While signing Owens looks like it might make sense for the Bears, it’s unlikely to happen. The Bears have been blathering on about developing their young receivers since the end of last season.

Bringing Owens in would only hinder that.

So, keep patting yourselves on the back for bringing in Julius Peppers, Chicago. It doesn’t look like the NFL odds will be swinging in your favor anytime soon.