Zygi Wilf

Vikings' owner Groucho… I mean, Zygi Wilf is getting tough. Look out!

No, I’m not talking about the Minnesota Vikings football team. They’ll always be a bunch of non-Super-Bowl-winning pansies.

I’m talking about the Vikings’ ownership, who issued some sort of ultimatum to the state on Tuesday after the state legislature predictably did nothing to finalize a deal for a new Vikings’ stadium before the legislative session closed.

The statement from the Vikings reads, in part:

“The Vikings organization is extremely disappointed that the Governor and State Legislature did not move the stadium issue forward this year. While we greatly respect the challenges and priorities faced by the State of Minnesota, resolution of this issue has now been pushed to the final year of the lease. This lack of action will only increase the costs of the project for everyone, plus we missed the opportunity to put thousands of Minnesotans back to work.

“We appeal to our State’s leaders to join the bi-partisan group of legislators who have stepped up to work on securing the long-term future of the Vikings in Minnesota. This group of leaders has acknowledged that having an NFL team in Minnesota requires a stadium solution. This solution must be finalized in the 2011 Session.”

Or what?

Are the Vikings going to pick up and move to Los Angeles?

There isn’t a new NFL-ready stadium here and from the looks of it, there isn’t going to be for a while. Besides that, if the Vikings try to infect my fair city, I’m going to station the A-Team just east of Riverside so those shitbags and their shitbag organization turn into a bloody skid mark on the 10 West.

So, I’m waiting.

What are you going to do if a solution isn’t finalized in the 2011 session?

I’ll tell you what. You’re going to play in the Metrodome and you’re going to fucking like it.