The Green Bay Packers’ Tailgate Tour is traipsing around Wisconsin this week and while I could really care less, I got a chuckle out of this video of Packers’ receiver James Jones.

During a stop in Rhinelander, which appears to have been held on a hockey rink no less, Jones took the time to arm wrestle some of the locals. First, Jones beats some guy who looks like he probably was a challenge.

Then a lad of, oh… about eight, steps up to the table to arm wrestle Jones.

Jones will take the fall for the kid, giving him a lasting memory, right?


Not James Jones.

Jones lets the kid think he’s going to win and then violently slams the kid’s arm down, crushing his hopes and dreams.

James Jones: undefeated!

Word is, Jones stole the kid’s lunch money before he left Rhinelander.