Brett Favre manages to keep the media circus in town one more day.

This makes total and complete sense.

Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre visited with the Southern Miss baseball team on Thursday and told the team if they make it back to the College World Series for the second year in a row, he’ll play one more season.

Southern Miss is 31-20 and will need to win four games in regionals, which begin on June 4, and three in super regionals, which begin on June 11, to make the CWS. The team finishes the regular season this weekend and then goes to the Conference USA Tournament.

Anyway, none of this is to suggest I care about college baseball. And I’m sure the guys are on the Southern Miss team are thinking, “Boy, we better go out and win some ballgames so the wonderful and fantastic Brett Favre can play football this season.”

Brett Favre, master motivator.

Honestly, I also really don’t care about whether or not Brett Favre plays football in 2010.

I’m assuming he’ll play football in 2010 regardless of what some baseball team does or doesn’t do. I expect Lord Favre to stroll into training camp about a week before the season begins. You know, after all the hard work is done.

I also think the Green Bay Packers will take their revenge on Brett Favre this season. I think they’ll plant his pansy ass in the Lambeau Field turf like your mother plants daisies in her window box.