Whatever will I do?

We told you so.

Despite tying his return to the Minnesota Vikings to the fate of the Southern Miss baseball team earlier this week, Brett Favre went ahead and had ankle surgery on Friday. The surgery clears the way for Favre to play football in 2010.

While he hasn’t formally said he’ll do so, we expect Favre to play in 2010, just as we have since the end of last season. This, of course, is good news, since we’ll be able to enjoy the familiar site of watching Favre throw away another playoff game and again break the hearts of the worst fans in all the world.

Favre will now need four to six weeks to recover, meaning he’ll be available for the start of training camp or shortly thereafter.

Of course, Favre won’t bother to show up for the start of training camp even if he is ready to go. Favre will keep pretending he doesn’t know what he wants to do for a few weeks longer, so he can show up when training camp is nearly over.