Ted Thompson

We don't need to goddam tackles!

Green Bay Packers’ general manager is an enlightening individual, especially in press conferences.

I’m joking of course.

It wasn’t really a surprise when Thompson said next to nothing, that is, unless you love cliches and bullshit, in Friday’s press conference with local reporters. However, the one interesting thing he did say probably won’t please anyone except himself and Chad Clifton.

Thompson was asked whether the Packers need to select a tackle in this year’s draft, which anyone who knows anything about football would answer unequivocally, yes.

“There are a lot of positions where you could say we’d like to do this. I don’t think it’s a necessary thing,” Thompson said.

When asked why, Thompson dropped this bit of brilliance.

“Our offensive line group, our core is building up where we can have more flexibility. If there’s someone available, that will be a consideration. We’re not going to reach on someone.”

Of course the Packers don’t want to reach with any of their picks, but if the team doesn’t address the left tackle position soon – and by soon, I mean two years ago – the team, and in particular, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, is going to be in a world of shit.

Thompson has to be delusional if he thinks Clifton can A. keep Rodgers upright for another season – a task he had problems accomplishing each of the past two seasons, and B. stay healthy – a task he hasn’t accomplished each of the past two seasons.

On the positive side, Thompson’s response is likely more a result of his philosophy of not telling anyone anything. You know – “We don’t need a tackle, so don’t worry about trading up to take one in front of us. Our tackles are great!”

However, if they do prove to be prophecy, I’ll be rallying the troops for the march on 1265. He produces a serviceable left tackle or we leave with his head on a stick!