This guy might help the Packers.

I’m joking, of course.

Any idiot who’s grading 2010 draft classes today is, well, just that. An idiot.

Every team in the NFL is better today than they were at this time last week. Every team in the NFL has added new players to their roster. Grading a team’s draft class before they’ve even played a down in the NFL is a post-draft ritual and also one of the most asinine practices there is.

It’s kind of like speculating on the future of Brett Favre. Pointless.

A draft class can’t realistically be judged for three years, so don’t believe all the bullshit you see out there today.

So, here’s what he can say about the Green Bay Packers’ 2010 draft class.

The Packers filled their biggest need by selecting Iowa tackle Bryan Bulaga in the first round. Beyond that, the only other major weakness they addressed was safety, by selecting Georgia Tech’s Morgan Burnett in the third round. Packers’ general manager Ted Thompson completely ignored the team’s two other major holes – outside linebacker and cornerback.

The same team that was torched in a 51-45 playoff loss to Arizona didn’t draft a single cornerback or pass-rushing outside linebacker to bolster its defense. Packers coach Mike McCarthy said the team would improve from within. Thompson seems confident his injured cornerbacks will return to full strength, and he’s not sweating the void at left outside linebacker caused by Aaron Kampman’s departure.

“I understand everybody’s concerned about that position,” Thompson said. “We don’t think it’s quite as dire as everybody else does.”

We shall see. After the Packers get torched by Favre twice in 2010, I may leave a flaming bag of dog shit on your doorstep, Ted.

Perhaps you’ll understand the concern then.

Anyway, Thompson employed the best available player strategy in the draft. Or at least that’s what he says.

The team didn’t address needs at outside linebacker, cornerback and punter. But Thompson said injuries sometimes test depth at unexpected positions, so he’s generally better off picking the best player available.

“It’s a long season,” Thompson said. “And you have to be able to (find players) to maintain and sustain your success. The more guys you can get, the better off you are.”

This is all well and good, but when you’re using the best available player method and pick a guy in the second round you could have picked in the third, fourth or perhaps even the fifth round, well… I want some of the drugs they’re passing around at 1265.

So, like I was saying, the Green Bay Packers grade for the 2010 NFL Draft is an A+.