Guest Post

Hot damn…I can't feel my sack!

He hasn’t decided if he’ll return for a second season, but Brett Favre did let his Minnesota Vikings’ teammates know one thing this week — he’s a cheap ass mofo.

Players participating in offseason workouts — obviously, this wouldn’t include Favre — returned to team headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn., to find a pair of Wranglers in their lockers. Favre has been a paid endorser of the world’s stiffest, highest riding jeans for years, and apparently figured his teammates would like to share in that sack-pinching pain.

“I need to break them in a little bit, they are kind of stiff,” punter Chris Kluwe told the Star Tribune’s Judd Zulgad.

Quite the understatement, Chris. There’s a reason cowboys walk bow-legged, and it’s not because of their horses.

Whether Favre will come to Minnesota and see how those jeans fit in person is still in question. As has become tradition in recent years, Lord Favre is keeping everyone guessing as to whether he’ll come back for another season, although Brad Childress and the Vikings say they’re content to wait on the 40-year-old QB for a decision.

The Wranglers are a convenient way for Favre to get his name back in the news after an uncharacteristic dearth of headlines in recent weeks.

But isn’t it almost like he’s taunting his teammates? “Hey guys!! I know you’re all up there sweating it out in offseason conditioning workouts while I sip mint juleps and mow my lawn for the thousandth time, but I’m thinkin’ of ya! Enjoy this pair of crap jeans you’ll never wear while I relax down here in Mississippi and keep the team’s future up in the air another few months!! xoxo Brett”

And Vikings players have to be a little disappointed. Favre’s also a spokesman for Sears, but you don’t see flat-screen TVs in everyone’s lockers, do you? I can see the T-shirts now: “I went to Vikings’ offseason workouts and all I got were these crap Wranglers.”

Fake. Egocentric. Prima Donna.