Brett Favre

The gunslinger is likely to be slinging some guns in 2010.

Not many of us who pay close attention to the comings and goings of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre have much doubt he’ll play in 2010, but then, you don’t want to jump to conclusions until he says so himself.

Today there is word out of New York, where the New York Jets signed running back LaDainian Tomlinson – someone the Vikings were also courting – that Favre played a key role in trying to recruit Tomlinson to Minnesota.

A source familiar with the Vikings situation told me that Favre was heavily involved in the recruitment process late last week for running back LaDainian Tomlinson. It is believed that Favre spoke to Tomlinson by phone…

That’s about all we know, since the rest of Bob Glauber’s story is behind a pay wall and we sure as shit don’t pay for news.

Anyway, if Favre is recruiting anyone in any way to play for the Vikings, that’s a pretty solid sign he plans on playing another year in the NFL’s asshole.

Favre himself said after the season it was unlikely he’d return and in his most recent public appearance, on The Tonight Show, he said pretty much nothing.

However, Vikings linebacker Ben Leber said he thinks Favre will be back and defensive end Jared Allen has offered Favre some sort of homosexual prize if he returns, so there’s that.

Those of us in Green Bay Packers nation know how this works. When the season ends Favre doesn’t want to play anymore and then he sits around in Mississippi for a while and realizes if he doesn’t go play football he’s going to have to see Deanna for 24 fucking hours every goddam day for the rest of the year, not to mention his life. And I’m sure that gets old.

Seriously though, as much as I personally dislike Lord Favre, the guy can still throw the ball. And more importantly, now that he plays for the Vikings, he can still throw a playoff game away with the all-time greats.