I don’t think anyone can argue the point that Green Bay Packers fans like to drink.

And I don’t think anyone can argue with me when I say that The Onion has been cranking out some of the best satire in the country for many years. That’s not to say that alcoholism is a laughing matter. This is satire. There is a message.

The Onion’s Wisconsin roots are never more evident than when they roll out a new piece making fun of out beloved Green Bay Packers or it’s lovable fans. Lately, however, Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings have been the butt of more jokes.

In fact, I’d make the argument that this video is not only a critique of football-related binge drinking, but also a jab at Brett Favre’s annual offseason bullshit. The video comes on the heels of another pitch perfect story on Favre that was just published.

Anyone wondering if Favre’s Vikings teammates are anxious about his offseason of waffling should read this.