Father of the year, no doubt.

Well, if you read this blog very often, you know we think Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress is a pedophile (or at least looks like one). So then it makes sense that his son, Kyle, is also a delinquent.

Kyle Childress was charged with second-degree DWI in St. Paul, early Saturday morning, the second time he’s been stopped for a DWI.

We gave Kyle a call and asked him what he was thinking, and really, this is a sad story.

“Well, I am constantly trying to suppress the memories of my father sexually abusing me as a boy, so I often turn to alcohol and drugs,” the younger Childress said. “Sometimes I make bad choices, and honestly, this is probably just my way of asking for help. I just want to be loved – in a non-creepy, non-sexual way.”

And it gets worse.

“Ever since Favre came around, my father hasn’t given me any attention at all – good or bad. Everything is Brett this or Brett that,” Kyle said. “He even sleeps over at Brett’s house some nights and doesn’t come home at all, but I guess that’s better than him trying to sleep in my bed.”

We always knew it, Brad – you sick son of a bitch.