I’ll be honest. I had no idea what “Pants on the Ground” was until today. I don’t have any interest in who the new American Idol is going to be. I don’t care that Simon Cowell is leaving the show. I can’t remember who replaced that crazy broad Paula Abdul.

If you, like me, don’t give two shits about American Idol, you’re probably wondering why the hell I’m blathering on about that stupid show. Well, apparently “Pants on the Ground” was an original song performed by a 62-year-old professor during the Atlanta auditions this season and it has since become a viral hit something like when William Hung destroyed that Ricky Martin song a few years back.

So, that brings me to Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre. Sweet, beloved Brett.

Brett Favre also loves him some “Pants on the Ground.” You know, because he’s such a down to earth, selfless guy who only plays for the love of the game.

Let me reiterate. Brett Favre – he just loves playing the game!

And also, “Pants on the Ground.”

And ass-slapping.

But what heterosexual American male doesn’t enjoy a good ass slap?

Hell, not the Minnesota Vikings, and certainly not Brett Favre.

After the Vikings beat the Dallas Cowboys to advance to the NFC Championship game, yesterday, what did they do? Well, the exact thing than any group of mentally challenged pederasts would do – they sang “Pants on the Ground” and slapped each other on their asses.

via Fanhouse