Guest Post

One of the more entertaining stories coming out of the Chicago Bears’ delightful OT victory over the slumping Minnesota Vikings involves Bears quarterback/mouth breather extraordinaire Jay Cutler.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio asks whether Cutler flipped off Chicago fans after they booed the Bears’ decision to take a knee with nine seconds left in regulation heading into overtime. Chicago and Minnesota were tied 30-30, and apparently fans wanted Lovie Smith to try to WIN the game. Go figure.

After Cutler flipped the ball to the official, he gestured quickly to the end zone, possibly with his middle finger.

PFT fired up the DVR and put the matter out to Twitter, getting this pic in response.

What do you think?

Sure looks like the one finger salute to us. Who knew the pansy-ass whiner had it in him? For this AND beating the Vikings on national TV, I just may become the newest member of the Jay Cutler Fan Club.