Johnny Jolly may or may not be crunked up right here.

Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Johnny Jolly has again been indicted in Harris County Texas. The charges stem from a July 2008 arrest in which Jolly was busted with 200 grams of codeine. The charges were dropped this past summer, but the prosecution vowed to pick the case up again.

Jolly faces 20 years in prison (unlikely) or, because he would be considered a first-time offender, probation (more likely). Either way, Jolly would probably start next season by missing the first four games of the season, if not more. How this affects his free agent value remains to be seen, but you’d expect something like this to make the Packers think twice before rewarding him with a large deal… or they could use it as leverage.

Jolly’s play has improved each year and he has grown into an important player for Dom Capers’ defense. Certainly, this is not the kind of distraction the team wants as they push to make the playoffs.

In case you are wondering why on earth Johnny Jolly was rolling around with a bunch of codeine… no, he is not an aspiring pharmacist. He is likely a big fan of the ridiculous Houston area hip hop scene, which has a much ballyhooed love affair with codeine laced drinks called “lean,” “sizzurp,” “purple drank,” or “supercool.”

That last one may or may not be from an Upright Citizens Brigade sketch.

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